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Historically we have gone through several industrial revolutions that have meant enormous changes in our society. Today we are living a new industrial revolution: 4.0.

What is the fourth industrial revolution?

We often wonder what is happening in the world, everything is changing.

The first industrial revolution was based on the discovery of steam engines as a tool to create many interesting things. 

Later came several revolutions related to the discovery of new communication technologies.

This new revolution, that of an industry 4., represents an era of digitalization and technological implementation to bring together digital, physical, and biological systems.

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What does this Industry 4.0 represent?

This revolution means changes not only in what we do but also in us as human beings.

The access to these new technologies and approach gives us possibilities never seen before and expand the scope that we had so far.

This revolution represents the approach of new values to change towards systems that allow us to satisfy the basic needs of everyone in the world, respecting natural resources and aiming to maximize human welfare.

Objectives of an industry 4.0

Within these new approaches enters the circular economy as a system that seeks innovation, balance and progress always prioritizing the welfare and care of resources, promoting safe and healthy objects and systems for all future generations.

The search for these new systems puts several questions on the table, what is the future of work, how do we define work, how do we create new educational systems that link to these new perspectives, how do we share wealth and create equitable growth?

The 4.0 revolution has the potential to redress inequalities by reducing inequity. 

Today we already see developments involved with improvements in health, technologies to heal or create a better quality of life.

It is also important as a generation to have the right conversations that allow us to enjoy progress while fulfilling its main objective: a better, fairer, and healthier world.

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